Free Reiki Level 1 Course



Align with your soul and build a Reiki Practice centered in your truth, passion and purpose

Join women around the world and learn how to heal yourself and others!

Full Reiki Level 1Practitioner Course

 12 Video Modules &
Presentation Scripts

Guided Meditations & Workbooks

This Energy Healing Course includes:

  • ​Usui Reiki Manual
    With all our Reiki courses you will get a Reiki manual for you to keep and refer to in your Reiki practice.

  • Reiki Worksheets
    Dive deep into your Reiki practice with our practical Reiki worksheets including prayers and vision boards

  • Crystal Affirmation Deck
    Download your Crystal affirmation card deck and attract abundance through the healing properties of crystals

  • Guided Meditation and Rituals
    Join us in our guided meditations and learn about Reiki rituals with our FREE bonus material


I did my Reiki Level 1 course with Blissful Careers and I loved it! Sunny is an amazing teacher, and the online course is packed with information. My attunement with Sunny was a great experience 💗 Definitely recommend!


​​I joined Sunny's reiki level 1 course and I learned so much. I am really excited to start practicing reiki on myself, family and friends. The attunement was powerful. I felt the energy in my palms and tingling in my whole body. Thanks Susanne for giving me this beautiful gift.


I did my Reiki Level 1 Certification with Blissful Careers and  I really enjoyed it. I would definitely recommend Blissful Careers if you’re think of learning about Reiki. The amount of Bonus material and support included in the course is very helpful.




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Not Convinced?

Let's look at what else you are getting when you enroll in the course!


for a limited time
as a student at Blissful Careers you will also get



Crystal Affirmation

Get your hands on a beautifully designed downloadable Crystal Career Affirmation Deck for FREE with this course to identify and affirm your strenghts for a blissful career.


Chakra Balancing & Affirmations

This Chakra Healing Workbook in tandem with the guided healing meditation in the course will help you start a daily practice to balance your Chakras. Start living the life you were meant to by aligning yourself with your true purpose. 


Workbooks &  Journals

Included in the course are lots of practical and helpful workbooks and journals to use in your practice. Using for example the Gratitude journal provided and being consciously thankful for what you already have, can help you reduce depression, increase energy and elevate your general feeling of happiness. These are all factors that can contribute to you living a longer and healthier life. Being thankful for small things also increases feelgood⁣ factors  and helps you deflect negative thoughts.⁣


Hours of Guided Meditations and Ambient Music

Get access to our full library of guided meditations and meditation music to download or to stream on all your devices. 

Our specially designed  tracks  are embedded with binaural beats and delta waves which have a soothing effect on the parasympathetic nervous system and which helps your body relax and prepare for sleep. Not only will our albums help you fall asleep faster, but you will also sleep longer and wake up less during the night.


​100% Privacy. We Will Never Spam You!

Can you really learn Reiki online?

You may have heard from other Reiki practitioners that Reiki must be taught face to face, but let me assure you that this is simply not true. The founder of Reiki, Dr. Mikao Usui, who you will learn more about in the course, passed on Reiki attunements simply by sitting in meditation with his students. There was no physical contact, only an energetic transmission. Today, we understand that Reiki energy transcends time and space and rather than doing blind attunements, like some other online Reiki Masters, I am performing all attunements via Zoom online meeting, so we can sit together  just like Dr. Usiu has with his students. I have certified many students already over online attunements and can confidently say that you can be an amazing Reiki practitioner by taking this course.

Sunny Ritsch, Reiki Master and Founder Blissful Careers

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